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Thousand Oaks, CA
Top 3 Must Have Skill Sets:    

Experience with solid state characterization techniques. 1-2 years experience
Strong knowledge in physical and organic chemistry. Bachelors degree in chemistry or chemical engineering
Good verbal and written communication skills.


Experience with solid state characterization techniques. (1-2 years experience)
Strong knowledge in physical and organic chemistry. (Bachelors degree in chemistry or chemical engineering)
Good verbal and written communication skills.
On site position once the facility opens up

As the candidate for this largely laboratory-based position, you will be responsible for driving cutting-edge solid state chemistry support and technology development impacting process and product development teams. You will work cross-functionally and across Process Development sites as you use solid state characterization knowledge to help drive efficient development and scalable understanding of processes and products.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Perform solid state characterization measurements and analyses to support the development of drug substance and drug product.
• Design and conduct experiments for form screening, form characterization and intermediate/excipient analysis by following instructions and guidance from project representatives.
• Interpret data, maintain timely documentation (i.e. electronic notebooks), and contribute to technical reports and presentations in a cross-functional team environment.
• Participate in lab housekeeping, maintain lab equipment and supplies, and comply with lab safety guidelines.
• May work occasionally on flexible schedule, i.e. starting early morning or finishing late evening, depending on the project need.

The ideal candidate would possess:
• Proficiency in solid state characterization techniques, such powder X-ray diffraction, particle analysis by laser diffraction, thermal analysis (TGA/DSC), optical microscopy, surface area measurement.
• Knowledge in crystallization and crystal form screening.
• Proven ability to interpret data and optimize characterization methods.
• Attention to detail, adaptability to new techniques and multi-tasks, ability to solve problem and meet deadline, and effectiveness to work independently and as a team member.
• Strong computer skills in instrumentation and data processing in a client-server environment.
• Excellent communication (verbal and written) and organizational skills.

Basic Minimum Qualifications:
• B.S. or M.S. with degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, Pharmaceutical Science or related scientific background with 1-2 years of experience. Pharmaceutical/biotech industry experience preferred.
• Demonstrated knowledge of various solid state analysis techniques such as XRPD, TGA, DSC, particle size, microscopy, surface area, DVS, etc.
• Good written and oral communication skills.   

"This posting is for Contingent Worker, not an FTE"

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