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Lab Support Technician

South San Francisco, CA
“This Company requires all staff, staff augmentation external workers, and certain other external workers, in the United States and Puerto Rico vaccinated from COVID 19 as a condition of assignment at this company. In accordance with applicable law, this company will provide reasonable accommodations staff augmentation external workers qualify on the basis of a medical reason or a sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance. Such accommodation may not pose an undue hardship this company, its operations, or its staff.”

Top 3 Must Have Skill Sets:

1. AS, BA or BS in science-related field + 2 years laboratory experience with significant hands-on laboratory work demonstrating mastery of micro-pipetting (single and multi-channel), sample manipulation in small tubes (microcentrifuge) and multi-well plates, SDS-PAGE; proficient using other basic lab equipment (e.g., pH meter, balances, centrifuges); making basic laboratory calculations, (e.g., for making standard buffers from dry chemical ingredients or liquid stock solutions), strong fundamental training in sterile technique and knowledge of safeguards for handling insect cell and E. coli cultures.

2. Ability to follow established laboratory protocols and adhere to data standards; attention to detail and careful execution of laboratory tasks are essential to our team

3. Strong written and oral communication skills

Day to Day Responsibilities:    
Job Duties: The candidate will work in a highly-integrated and collaborative team environment and contribute to diverse functions depending upon project needs and priority. In addition to the roles below, we will also consider increased responsibilities.

1. Protein expression
a. Culturing E. coli and insect cells.
b. Generating Baculovirus
c. Measuring cell culture viable counts with Vi-cell and titers
d. Expressing proteins in E. coli and insect cell expression systems
e. Harvesting E. coli cell paste and insect cell cultures/paste
f. Using Tecan and KingFisher for expression testing
g. Running and imaging SDS-PAGE gels, Western blotting
h. Keeping records of data and procedures

2. Protein Purification
a. Cell lysis using a microfluidizer
b. Use of AKTA chromatography instrumentation for protein purification
c. Running and imaging SDS-PAGE gels
d. Use of spectrophotometry and colorimetric assays for concentration determination
e. LC-MS sample prep and submission

3. Inventory Management and general routine laboratory activities
a. Register protein lots into/out of internal storage system, as needed
b. Check stocks of required consumables and order and stock when necessary (i.e. common reagents and managing insect cell media)
c. Order required lab supplies using internal ordering systems
d. Prepare, aliquot, and track the following: Stock solutions such as buffers, IPTG, antibiotics, and ATP
e. Organize and set up -80C storage DNA inventories

Red Flags:    
  • No hands-on laboratory experience outside of an academic setting
  • No Protein expression and purification experience
  • Cannot speak to the process or understanding of why team would run specific tests
Interview Process:    

At least one Phone/Video interview. I'm available to start interviewing ASAP

PAY RATE : $26-$30/hr on W2

"This posting is for Contingent Worker, not an FTE"

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