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Data Analyst

Tampa, Florida

Top 3 Must Have Skill Sets:    

Salesforce Licenses
Supplier Management


Will always be 100% remote
Salesforce Licenses
Supplier Management

A software licensing analyst establishes processes for enhancing software licensing. Their responsibilities include analyzing purchased licenses, reviewing discovery data, processing and maintaining client software, conducting research to assist with purchases and contract requirements, and offering end-user functional support. They also verify usage, advise purchases based on needs, and provide project delivery after meeting requirements. The duties of a software licensing analyst are to manage applications, optimize software, identify and address issues, analyze usage, advise management, and prepare documentation to further support clients.

Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:
• Creating striking visualizations to aid in data interpretation and usage.
• Prototype, build, and customize analytical applications, often based off data scientist model output, to enable in-depth analysis
• Constantly iterate with the business on analysis and dashboard design to ensure all necessary features and data are present
• Partner with IS and Data Engineers to ensure that the models feeding the dashboards are robust, functional, and relevant to business needs
• Exploring and evaluating new techniques to improve the data processing capabilities.

Basic Qualification:
• Master's Degree
• Bachelor's Degree & 2+ years of experience (Engineering, Operations, or Scientific)

Must Have:

Preferred Skills:
• Experience processing, filtering, cleaning, and standardizing large datasets.
• Ability to restructure, pivot, and reform data based on current needs
• Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel
- Tableau , Alteryx

Preferred Traits:
• Passion for data exploring and organizing large datasets.
• Intellectual curiosity with ability to learn new concepts, scripts, and methods.
• Ability to manage multiple, competing priorities simultaneously.
• Ability to deliver work in an organized, and on-time fashion.
• Ability to work in highly collaborative, cross-functional environments.
• Experience in the biotechnology industry is NOT required

"This posting is for Contingent Worker, not an FTE"

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