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Sr Associate Scientist AFP

South San Francisco, CA
Day to Day Responsibilities:
  • Perform assigned lab duties including designing and performing experiments, analyzing and interpreting data, preparing reports and presentations
  • Ability to do these tasks with minimal supervision
  • To perform experiments, organize data and analyze results under minimal supervision. 
  • With minimal supervision, plans, conducts or monitors experiments, records and organizes data, analyses results, generates robust and reliable data and/or Ensures that studies are conducted in compliance with the respective protocol and applicable guidelines and regulations.
Responsibilities include: 
  • Monitors or follows established experimental design and protocols and performs routine tasks and studies to obtain reproducible and reliable results with limited supervision; 
  • Plans, monitors or conducts, analyzes and records experiments, and provides interpretation of data; Effectively transfers experimental methods from literature to the lab and makes modifications as necessary; Develops and implements new protocols with moderate review; 
  • Engages coworkers in scientific discussions; 
  • Communicates data and interpretation to work group; 
  • Skilled at developing systems to ensure quality data; 
  • Skilled and/or knowledgeable in the use of standard laboratory equipment and with one or more major laboratory instruments/techniques; 
  • Effectively trouble-shoots equipment and experimental difficulties;
  • Contributes to internal/external reports, papers, presentations, regulatory documents, invention disclosure submissions and/or patents; 
  • Coordinates and organizes resources needed to complete the task;
  • Understands when to seek input and when to make independent judgments; 
  • Degree in Biology or related field; 
  • Experience in a Biopharmaceutical working environment
"This posting is for Contingent Worker, not an FTE"
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