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Project Mgr AFP

Thousand Oaks, CA
Must Have Skill Sets:     
  • Proven ability to contribute to marketing program execution: Strong project management skills and the ability to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously, consistently delivering high quality results
  • Excellent communication, collaboration and relationship development skills
  • Previous Marketing Campaign implementation experience preferred
Day to Day Responsibilities:
  • Serve as the primary point of contact between Omnichannel Marketing Engagement and Deloitte
  • Assist with change management planning and training for USBO marketers
  • Ensure Amgen alignment with Deloitte project timeline and other dependent projects with focus on critical milestones
  • Ensure brand campaign needs are aligned with projects to avoid business disruption
  • Identify required OCE resources from various departments (primarily IT, Marketing and Operations) and, in advance, set expectations as to the time required and hold accountable to deadlines
  • Identify key decision points and ensure necessary actions are completed to maintain timelines
  • Serve as liaison between Deloitte and other OCE vendors (e.g. Teradata, DMD, 3rd party data providers) as needed
  • Encourage and maintain open and clear communication, rapport, and cooperation with all parties
Omnichannel Customer Engagement (OCE) Project Management Support

The Amgen OCE project is looking for a proven, driven and motivated Project Manager to play a critical role in the upgrade of our Marketing Campaign Management tools and supporting platform capabilities as part of an overall initiative to deliver superior patient and provider journeys. The high-level objective of this initiative is to implement a new omni-channel campaign management service that will maximize use of these new capabilities, increase strategic partnership with Amgen brand teams, and ultimately help to facilitate more effective campaigns to meet brand objectives.

This role will serve as the primary point of contact between OCE, the external vendor (Deloitte), Amgen Brand Marketers and their creative agencies. This position requires excellent organization, prioritization, attention to detail, and relationship management skills.

This role will report to the Senior Manager of Campaign Strategy & Operations

"This posting is for Contingent Worker, not an FTE"
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