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Sr Data Scientist

South San Francisco, CA

Please reference top 3 skills and day to day responsibilities in the job description in the request.
Interview Process: 1st Phone screen, 2nd round take home exam and prepare for remote presentation of past work for 45min.
  • The Computational Biology group in the Clinical Biomarkers & Diagnostics (CBD) department is seeking a highly motivated Sr data scientist to join our team and contribute to develop machine learning modeling and prediction pipelines using multi-modal biomarker data from clinical trials.

Day to Day Responsibilities
  • Maintain and develop in-house endpoint association and modeling/prediction pipeline that use cutting edge machine learning methodologies to develop biomarkers of clinical response and resistance, extend analytical capabilities of biomarker platform
  • Define and implement Bioinformatics strategy and protocol-driven configuration layers of biomarker platform for studies
  • Perform pan-study analysis to find biomarkers that are predictive of safety and efficacy endpoints.
  • Serve as a subject matter expert and implementation lead for application of open-source R and python ML modeling libraries to clinical trial data and real world data (from external partners, publicly available data or consortia data).    
  • ML experience using R and python
  • Experience with analyzing high dimensional biomarker data, including whole exome sequencing, RNA-seq, proteomics data
  • Statistical expertise
  • Work cross-functionally with stakeholders in Research and Development.
  • Communicate findings and insights and present them to the team.

Basic Qualifications
  • Doctorate degree and 1-2 years of scientific experience
  • Master’s degree and 3-5 years of scientific experience
  • Bachelor’s degree and 5-7 years of scientific experience

Preferred Qualifications
  • PhD or MS in Bioinformatics, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, or a related quantitative field.
  • Significant experience in bioinformatics, applied mathematics and/or statistics to analyze multi-modal, multi-dimensional and large-scale biological datasets including whole exome sequencing, RNA-seq, and high-throughput proteomics data.
  • Familiarity of clinical bioinformatics domain and associated technologies, real world biomarker data
  • Working experience of data QC, data preprocessing, feature selection, model building and deployment.
  • Fluency in both Python and R programming languages and associated DevOps tools (version control, ML Ops).
  • bility to work in a highly matrixed environment and drive scientific and technical innovation collaboratively with other group members and with research community.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills, self-motivation, independence, and leadership.

Top 3 Must Have Skill Sets:            
  • ML experience using R and python
  • Experience with analyzing high dimensional biomarker data, including whole exome sequencing, RNA-seq, proteomics data
  • Statistical expertise

Day to Day Responsibilities:    
  • This position will contribute to the process development lab via equipment maintenance, glassware and biroeactor prep and cleaning activities, filter prep and cleaning, solution prep, and other standard lab activities. Some bioreactor sampling and purification activities and routine analysis may be done.
  • Work will be documented as appropriate in logbooks or electronic lab notebooks or systems.

Pay Rate  between $85 - $92/Hr on W2 based on experience.

"This posting is for Contingent Worker, not an FTE"

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