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Cambridge, MA
“This Company requires all staff, staff augmentation external workers, and certain other external workers, in the United States and  puerto rico vaccinated from COVID 19 as a condition of assignment at this company. In accordance with applicable law, this company will provide reasonable accommodations staff augmentation external workers qualify on the basis of a medical reason or a sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance. Such accommodation may not pose an undue hardship this company, its operations, or its staff.”                                                        

Top 3 Must Have Skills                                                                                   
  • Good general biochemistry laboratory skills
  • Working knowledge of chromatography including HPLC, UPLC, and CE
  • Background with compendial methods testing, such as Karl Fischer, Color/Clarity, and UV/VIS spectroscopy

Day to Day Responsibilities:                        
  • Perform testing and data review for analysis of proteins and peptides using HPLC/UPLC (high and ultra-high liquid chromatography), titer, small scale protein purification using TECAN and plate reader, CE (capillary electrophoresis), CEX (cation exchange), HILIC (hydrophilic interaction).
  • Utilize high-throughput, robotics sample handling and/or auto-sampler systems to manage samples, purify, and test
  • Generate complete, accurate, and concise documentation using electronic systems and laboratory notebook.
  • Operate specialized laboratory equipment and instrumentation.
  • Perform general laboratory housekeeping activities.
  • Complete training on assigned tasks

"This posting is for Contingent Worker, not an FTE"

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