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Associate Maintenance Planner

Thousand Oaks, CA
Top 3 Must Have Skill Sets:    
1) Metrology, instrumentation, electrical or planning experience (Instrumentation technician or instrumentation planner is the ideal candidate)
2) ability to work independently
3) team player


Responsible for planning work tasks for maintenance activities of the facility maintenance teams. This is a highly critical role with the core responsibility of supporting the facilities and engineering team by delivering detailed work orders that include all the tasks, parts, and resources required for streamline, safe, and accurate work execution by maintenance technicians in the cGMP biotechnology facility. This role will also offer the opportunity to propose, participate, and lead team improvement initiatives to drive improved productivity and equipment reliability.

Responsible for processing and administering all work order requests in the CMMS. Communicates with the requester for scope of work and priority of the work to be performed. Receives all written and electronic customer work requests. Verifies completeness of all entries. Update information into the CMMS. Visit the job site to assess the scope of work, determine and outline the tasks required to complete the work, required parts, appropriate craft, amount of craft, labor group and estimated execution time. Ensures every maintenance task performed is planned ensuring safety and quality. Administers the preventive maintenance tracking and documentation programs. Review scope and frequency of assignments with the manager/system owner and implement changes where necessary. identifies resources and materials necessary to execute the requested work. Forecasts preventive maintenance activities for workload and resource leveling. Review maintenance job plans for accuracy/efficacy.

Education: Bachelors Degree (3+ years of experience) or Associates with 4+ years of experience OR GED with 6+ years of experience

"This posting is for Contingent Worker, not an FTE"

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