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Associate Scientist

Thousand Oaks, CA
Top 3 Must Have Skill Sets:
Virus or Large Protein (Antibody) ion-exchange Chromatography
Impurity and Residual protein and DNA assays


The Associate Scientist – Virus/Viral Vector Downstream Development will be responsible for downstream process and analytical development. The position will be part of a dynamic and growing viral vector team based in Thousand Oaks.

This role will design purification processes to support GMP virus production for virus clearance studies and/or for viral vector-based therapy and optimize yield and purity. Responsibilities include process development to build downstream capabilities, such as virus filtration, chromatography, TFF/DF, and clarification. Additional goals may include process scaling and characterization, in order to improve robustness and understanding of operating and performance parameters. The role will draft and execute protocols, SOPs, and document results in technical reports and presentations. He/she will collaborate closely with colleagues inside and outside the team.

The role will also support analytical testing to support the upstream and downstream PD efforts. Depending on the candidate’s skill set, this may include development of analytical assays, such as residual host cell protein, residual host cell DNA impurities, and virus infectious and particle titer assays.

The successful candidate should have a demonstrated background in virus, protein, or antibody purification process development and/or analytical testing of viral vectors, as well as personal attributes including initiative, teamwork, and independent thinking.

Basic Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree and 2-3 years of relevant experience in virus, antibody, or large protein chromatography

Preferred Qualifications
• A Master's Degree in Biochemistry, Virology, Protein Engineering or a related field
• 3+ years of experience with purification and filtration of viruses and bioassay technology
• Experience in biotechnology or a related industry with a demonstrated hands-on track record of virus or antibody chromatography.
• Demonstrated ability to develop problem-solving approaches using the scientific method and execute experiments with attention to detail.
• Demonstrated ability to develop and apply methodology and platform approaches and generate documentation of laboratory experiments and data analysis.
• Demonstrated in-depth knowledge of laboratory equipment and operations.
• Demonstrated communication and scientific writing skills.
• Ability to execute complex and cutting-edge projects as part of a team or independently with minimal supervision.

• Knowledge of virus or antibody expression and biochemistry, virus chromatography approaches (ion exchange, SEC), chromatography equipment (GE Akta), and scale-up.
• Knowledge and experience with mammalian cell culture and virus handling at Biosafety Level 2 and 2+ and applicable safety standards.
• Knowledge and experience with experimental planning and statistical analysis, such as Design of Experiment (DOE), process design, characterization, and optimization.
• Knowledge and experience with infectious and physical virus titer methods and process residual and impurity assays (ELISA, qPCR or ddPCR, TCID50).
• Knowledge with processes involved in virus GMP manufacturing, characterization and release testing, and QA/QC.
• Knowledge and experience working with hazardous compounds and chemicals.
• Ability to evaluate documentation/operations according to company procedures.
• Ability to make decisions in a timely and thoughtful manner, taking in consideration available information.
• Ability to respond appropriately if a situation requires a different set of skills and work approaches.
• Ability to meet expectations and requirements of internal and external customers.
• Ability to assimilate information and make timely decisions that impact the functional area.

• Chromatography technique skills.
• TFF/DF skills.
• Virology skills.
• Aseptic cell culture skills.
• Analytical testing skills.
• Problem solving skills.
• Technical writing skills for protocols, SOPs, reports, and presentations.
• Communication (verbal and written) at all levels.
• Statistical analysis tools to perform data analysis and evaluation.
• Investigation skills.
• Presentation skills.
• Negotiation skills.

• Related process development or research experience in the biotechnology industry and/or academia.
• Attention and dedication to process and method development.
• Must be a team player.
• Ability to organize work, handle multiple priorities, and meet deadlines.
• Must be flexible and adaptable to changing priorities and requirements.
• Demonstrates understanding of when and how to appropriately escalate.
• Participates in team efforts to advance development/technology programs within the department.
• Applies team experiences to facilitate cohesiveness and build team spirit.
• Contributes to technical reports and assessments.
• Learns and applies facilitation and listening skills.
• Organizes, plans, and controls multiple project activities to meet corporate timelines.

"This posting is for Contingent Worker, not an FTE"

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