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Project Manager

Thousand Oaks, CA
Top 3 Must Have Skill Sets:
  • Project Management of IT / Technical Projects - Systems Type Enhancement (i.e. Process Focus and Driven): (intermediate to expert level)
  • Supply Chain planning experience and/or Supply Chain Principles Knowledge (Preferably in BioPharm) (intermediate to expert level)
  • Troubleshooting experience (intermediate to expert level)
  • Soft SKills
  • Accountability: Holds self and other accountable for timelines and deliverable (Results Oriented)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, strong on documentation
Day to Day Responsibilities:
  • Manage RapidResponse Competency Center (R2C2 Center of Excellence) Request Registry
  • Assigning New requests to Knowledgeable and Available R2C2 Resources based on current assigned workload and expertise
  • Work with both Requester, Assigned R2C2 Administrator and team manager to confirm sufficient Request Details, categorization for initial intake
  • Track and Document request progress prompting both requester and admin for documented updates per established timelines
  • Keep metrics on requests, progress, intake and closure including request aging
  • 2. Transcribe R2C2 Project Requests into Digital Alignment Forum (DAF) Project Intake SalesForce database
  • For Significant Projects Generate Traceability Matrix, gathering Business Requirements, Listing Design & Deliverable, Setting Gated Deliverable s and timelines, tracking gate progress
  • Author Summarized Enhancement per Projects Request
  • Prompt Creation and/or Create DAF Requests for Large, Globally / Cross System impacting Projects
  • Track, Prompt, and Maintain Updates to owned Projects in R2C2 and aligned updates into DAF registry
  • Delegate and/ Author Documentation: Design Spec, TaskFlow i.e. WorkFlow Instructions, SOP updates, Spec changes, etc.
  • Support transition from current R2C2 SharePoint Registry into use of SalesForce registry in 2021.
  • 3. Schedule 2x / week project review meetings with R2C2 team to:
  • Review / Report on Project Requests status and priorities per timelines and criticality
  • Highlight Issues and gather input on corrective action(s)
  • Coordinate Presentation & Team review at Project Gates for (1) Design per Business Requirements, (2) Development Status, (3) Testing Status and results, (4) Documentation, (5) Training, (6) Go-Live coordination
  • Work collaboratively with R2C2 Sr Manager and Managers supporting facilitation of project meetings, documentation, coordination of testing & testing resources from other functions.

follow standard approach of Gated Project flow (1) gathering Business requirements, (2) Solution Design & Approval, (3) Development, (4) Testing - Development, User Acceptance Testing, & Regression, (5)Confirm and/or Update Business Process (6) Documenting System Design & Business Process, (7) train, (8) Go-Live
Job Summary

Responsible for overall coordination, status reporting and stability of project oriented work efforts. Establishes and implements project management processes and methodologies for the IT community to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget, adhere to high quality standards and meet customer expectations. Responsible for assembling project plans and teamwork assignments, directing and monitoring work efforts on a daily basis, identifying resource needs, performing quality review; and escalating functional, quality, timeline issues appropriately. Responsible for tracking key project milestones and adjusting project plans and/or resources to meet the needs of customers. Coordinates communication with all areas of the enterprise that impacts the scope, budget, risk and resources of the work effort being managed. Assists Program Manager(s) in partnering with senior management of the business community to identify and prioritize opportunities for utilizing IT to achieve the goals of the enterprise. Must possess extensive knowledge and expertise in the use of project management methodologies and tools, resource management practices and change management techniques. This is a management role with human resource management responsibilities (e.g., hiring, performance management). Manages one or more cross-functional projects of medium to high complexity. More senior role has responsibility for multiple large, complex projects with greater impact to the enterprise.

"This posting is for Contingent Worker, not an FTE"

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